KathrynLambert // April 28, 2011

Personal Political Broadcast ⁄⁄

Broadcast LIVE from an anonymous hotel room in the centre of England on Thursday 5 May at 10AM GMT, artist Ellie Harrison used a variety of regional accents to attempt a subjective interpretation of the systems of government in use in Scotland, Wales and the wider UK. Examining the inconsistencies in the electoral systems in use in each, she made the case for UK parliamentary reform, whist exploring the impact of devolution on personal identity in post-Britain.

“I am confused about my identity. In a newly devolved Britain, so different from the 80s in which I grew up, I find myself uneasily straddling three nations – with Scotland as my adopted home, England my place of birth and Wales the land of my heritage – unsure of the extents of the┬ánew relationships and borders that are slowly forming between the three.”

Ellie Harrison


Commissioned by bloc as part of the virtual bloc programme.

Supported by Arts Council of Wales

2 Responses to Personal Political Broadcast

  1. a yeeeeessss, a nooooooo.

    A fine morningside brogue you have there. I’m out to vote YES in Yorkhill just now…

  2. Love the football team bit