bloc // September 8, 2015

Wild Technology ⁄⁄

Celebrating the Art of Technology, Outdoors.

bloc is developing the concept of Wild Technology to inspire people to get outdoors using art and technology imaginatively. Wild Technology is an innovative take on art, technology and the wilderness and we are looking for partners, contributors and participants to get involved.

Wild Technology will be an engaging programme of enquiry into finding out whether the creative application of out-of-the-box technology can enhance our experience of nature. Activities will take place in rural, beautiful and often remote parts of England and Wales.


1. To explore whether society can be innovative with art and technology in order to tackle the growing divide between people and the outdoors.

2. To explore how art and technology might enhance our experience of nature.

3. To promote economic growth and sustainable jobs in rural England and Wales through creative technology and social capital.

4. To draw on the arts, artistic practice, creative thinking and idea development as a means of exploration, expression, contemplation and as a transformative force.

5. To challenge the perception that technology is destroying our relationship with nature.