bloc // January 11, 2013

The Body and the Digital – call for papers and performance proposals ⁄⁄

Journeys Across Media
The Body and The Digital
Friday 19th April 2013, University of Reading


-Interactivity between Digital languages and the Body
-Sonic Representations of the Body in Digital Performance
-The Digitized Body in Performance
-The Role of the Body in Digital Games and Virtual Performance
-Post-Colonial Bodies in the Contemporary Moment
-Preparing the Body for Performance
-Notions of Embodiment (i.e. Violent, Disabled, Explicit)
-Embodied Spectatorship or Audiences, and Physicality
-Phenomenology of the Lived, Performed and Screened Body

CALL FOR PAPERS deadline: 1st February 2013
250-word abstract for a fifteen minute paper 50-word biographical note to

CALL FOR PRACTICE-BASED WORK deadline: 1st February 2013
We invite artists working in various mediums to propose presentations of their work, relevant to the conference theme. Please send a 250-word outline describing the piece you are proposing to present, as well as duration and any specific technical/space requirements, and a 50-word biographical note. Relevant images and links to your work would also be helpful.