bloc // June 12, 2013

Supercharge 2013 ⁄⁄

Inventorium is pleased to be facilitating at this HPC Wales Event on June 25th.

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High Performance Computing (HPC) or ‘supercomputing’ is a form of technology that many small to medium business owners consider out of reach, but access to it is no longer limited to large companies with big spending power.

The advanced technology can power breakthroughs in product, process or service development, strengthening a business’ position in the market and boosting competitiveness. In an increasingly pressured global market, supercomputing can help small businesses make the forward strides that can make a lasting difference.

At HPC Wales, we’ve helped our customers harness the power of supercomputing so they can cut time to market, grow faster and transform profitability. On Tuesday 25th June, we’re running an event in Bangor to help businesses in Wales understand how supercomputing could energise their work and to preview some exciting new funding opportunities in Wales.
At this unique event, you’ll learn how high performance computing or ‘supercomputing’ could energise your business and accelerate your growth. You’ll also be able to find out about upcoming opportunities to access funding for innovative projects, including a call for HPC-related projects from the UK’s Innovation agency (the Technology Strategy Board).

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