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Date: 27 Mar 2008, 6-8pm
Location: wales


Lindsay will talk about her experiences of starting her Company, workerANT from concept to the launch. Lindsay describes WorkerANT as a innovative website that provides a dynamic and self-supporting community where people seeking flexible work can interact with those seeking help. Home working and flexible working are socially inclusive, environmentally sound options for the 21st Century workforce. As the unique home of flexible working on the net, is well placed to exploit a gap in an expanding UK e-recruitment marketplace that is already worth three-quarters of a billion pounds.

The innovation process rarely runs smoothly and Lindsay hopes by sharing her experiences, some of the more obvious pitfalls can be avoided by others. By talking to those who`ve been through the development and fundraising cycle we can all remind ourselves that even at the most frustrating moments if others have got through, so can we.Lindsay graduated with a BEng (Hons) Mech Eng (Design) in 1996 having completed 4 years, 1 in industry. On graduation she opted to work in the construction industry experiencing both site and office based life during which time she set up a 1500 strong membership employee sports and social club to help unite the diversely located staff. She moved from construction into manufacturing after 3 years. Initially working designing high pressure pumps and then moving to a company that offered more promotional opportunities in underground pipe and cable avoidance tools. Lindsay worked her way up from junior design engineer to engineering manager over 3 years and finally left the company when she started a family.

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