bloc // November 10, 2005

North Wales – Software Developers Special Interest Group (NW-SDSIG) ⁄⁄

Date: Tuesday 7th February, 5:30pm until 8:00 pm
Location: wales


Refreshments will be available from 5.30 until 6.00 pm

6:00 pm: The presentation

´Online Learning Preaching or Practice?”

The talk will contain an overview of e-learning and the difficulties of setting up an authentic course. How the real world of education differs from theoretical!

Stefano Ghazzali
Learning Technologist
Manchester Business School Worldwide
Tel 44 (0)1248 672222

Stefano is a Learning Technologist for Manchester Business School Worldwide (MBSW).
MBSW is the Distance learning arm of Manchester Business School which specializes in delivering off-campus Postgraduate programs.

7:30 pm: Bulletin Board and WebLog Development:

After the presentation everyone will be invited to review the soon-to-be-launched NW-SDSIG Bulletin Board and also the NW-SDSIG WebLog. Please sign-up, make editorial contributions and provide feedback for future development, to promote NW-SDSIG activities.

Call for Future Presentations:

Anyone interested in providing a short presentation at future evenings should contact Robert or Judith during the evening or by email at anytime.

Please register your attendance as soon as possible:

Dr Robert Gittins MBCS

Judith Pike

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