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MusicTank October Think Tank ⁄⁄

Date: 3 Oct 2007, 6 – 9pm
Location: england


MusicTank`s October Think Tank : Music`s New Conundrum – Too Much Choice?

Web 2.0`s music consumers` paradise of unlimited music poses one overriding question: `How do fans discover the music they want amidst the clamour of a thousand different advisory voices?`

Keynote speaker:
Tom Robinson, Broadcaster and Songwriter

Panelists include:
- Andrew Keen, Author, Cult of The Amateur: How Today`s Internet is Killing Our Culture
- Paul Brown, Managing Director, International, Pandora
- David Jennings, Director, DJ Alchemi Ltd and Author

With so much music vying for our attention in this digital age, the public is now faced with a head-spinning level of choice. While we were once used to receiving our weekly dose of music via the all-important Top 40 and a now defunct Top of the Pops, we can access over 420,000 rock acts and 400,000 hip hop acts via MySpace alone.

In this sea of music of unimaginable scale, can we really be expected to sort the wheat from the chaff amidst the clamour of a thousand different advisory voices? And with the accompanying explosion of hype over substance, are we at risk of losing the tradition of nurturing our talent to its fullest potential?

Price: £30, £25 trade body members
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Area: not in wales

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  1. Sounds so fantastic! Gosh. Your nmroing swimming photo almost had me packing to leave and go back to your country. I have been missing the quiet of nz so much so that I’ve entered a couple of competitions to win flights back there. In the interim, I’m catching up with the Attenborough Life dvds with our curtains closed Happy new year to you! Looks like the weather treated you to some gorgeous blue skies ~xo