bloc // August 19, 2007

amperSAND – Flesh and Blood Humans, Jolyon Webb, Blitz Games ⁄⁄

Date: Wednesday 10th October 6.30pm-9pm
Location: wales


Jolyon Webb, Art Manager at TruSim will be joining us

for the next amperSAND event.

TruSim is a division of Blitz Games one of Europe`s leading independent video games developers, they make engaging training and visualisation tools, known as Serious Games.

Imagine being given two seconds to know a character… tick tock…tick tock… time`s up, what can you tell me about them?

This may seem like a crazily short amount of time or a totally artificial limitation but it reflects a truth about the way humans view humans. In a very short amount of time people take in a large amount of information about others. Are they well? Are they frightened? Are they hot? Have they been running?

TruSim, Blitz Games `serious games` division, is working on a medical training prototype where a character`s state must be quickly and accurately recognised by medically trained players. This means lots of the kind of visual clues that can be `recognised in two seconds` must be in place and dynamically respond as the character`s condition worsens.

This talk will explain the thinking, research and some of the technology needed to give this sort of meaningful visual display.

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