bloc // January 25, 2011

A kite in paradox: Meeting on augmented kite ⁄⁄

Date: 30.04.2011 10am
Location: wales


Proposal for a meeting regarding Tech:Folder Kite-Ballet team.

Description (more details to come soon)

Working group meeting for registered participants (contact: Zachary De Santos).

The goal of this meeting is to advance on the Augmented Kite design and implementation. Precisely, we will discuss current issues and choices made by the different research groups and decide on further collaborative actions.

Morning; Introduction to kite ballet, the practice and the basics of choreography.

10am- introduction

10:30am-12pm Practical considerations related to augmented kite.

Afternoon; Workshops /Discussion.

1pm- Software mapping, a modular and cross-collaborative approach.

2pm- Open discussion

Evening; Performance

8pm-10pm To be announced

Area: northern bloc