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Date: 25 Mar 2010, 18.30
Location: england


We are very pleased to welcome Elisa to THE MAB FILM EXERCISE, and excited to be screening John Latham’s Erth (1971) in the original 16mm. This will be screened alongside a ´staging” of David Hall’s TV Interruptions (7 TV Pieces) (1971).

Elisa Kay is the curator at Flat Time House, John Latham’s former residence in Camberwell, South London. John Latham`s Erth is a visual countdown through time and space. In relation to the idea of the Universe as the ‘whole event’, Erth describes the perspective necessary to perceive our temporary habitation of the planet as `a brilliant streptococcus organism for which no antidote exists`. David Hall’s TV Interruptions was made specifically for TV broadcast and were initially transmitted by Scottish TV during the Edinburgh Festival. Hall has stated that the ´idea of inserting them as interruptions to regular programmes was crucial and a major influence in their content”. The work will similarly be staged as a series of interruptions to the evenings proceedings.
By inviting curators to present a programme of artists’ film, THE MAB FILM EXERCISE seeks to address both the diverse potential for artists’ film as a form and a sense of the current urgency, social or political timeliness in the work (of both curator and artist). THE MAB FILM EXERCISE is a place for discussing art and the ideas it generates, please join us!

For further information please contact Bridget Crone on (Image: John Latham, Erth, 1971: film still)

FREE but booking recommended (0117 917 2300)

Area: not in wales

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