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THE MAB FILM EXERCISE – An excess in structure ⁄⁄

Date: 18.30hrs, Thursday 9 December
Location: england


An excess in structure

Mikko Canini, Tony Conrad, Nick Laessing and Stephen Sutcliffe

Curated by Bridget Crone

The MAB Film Exercise: monthly screenings & discussion to exercise ideas in and around artists’ film, FREE but booking recommended (0117 917 2300)

(Image: Mikko Canini, MOHB (2008))

Media Art Bath is excited to present recent works by Mikko Canini, Nick Laessing and Stephen Sutcliffe alongside Tony Conrad’s seminal work from 1966, Flicker in a programme that considers artwork that is driven by an obvious structural device.

Structure is exercised here as an operation (mechanical, textual or the use of an editing method, for example) rather than being connected to narrative or representation. What this means is that we see editing methods (something akin to the cut-up), the structuring of divergent information, and attention to mechanized or machinic processes made overt within this work.

An excess in structure explores a divergent approach to the use of structure ranging from the use of sound or music as an organic structure (in the case of Nick Laessing’s translation of voice to image through the eidophone) and as a type of script or score that organizes the film itself, to the mechanized use of light in Tony Conrad’s Flicker (1966) and his Straight and Narrow (1970), which bookend the programme.

Bridget Crone is the Artistic Director of Media Art Bath.

THE MAB FILM EXERCISE provides an important forum for peer-led reflection, education and critique in the South West. By inviting curators to present a programme of artists’ film, THE MAB FILM EXERCISE seeks to address both the diverse potential for artists’ film as a form and a sense of the current urgency, social or political timeliness in the work (of both curator and artist).

THE MAB FILM EXERCISE is produced and presented by Media Art Bath ´ championing contemporary art and ideas through the development of bold new work.

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This screening is supported by LUX.

The MAB Film Exercise is supported by Arnolfini.

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