bloc // March 8, 2010

Mitosis, Meiosis, Metempsychosis ⁄⁄

Location: international


A short film by Graham Bowers illustrating and embracing digital technology. Graphic meanderings contemplating and illustrating the division and replication of single diploid, and haploid living cells, to the eventual trillions that make up a living being … and the transmogrification of digital technology into ‘real virtuality’ … all a bit wordy … but a thought provoking subject and an exciting idea.

The visuals have been generated from a 3D Laser Scan of a recent figurative sculpture originally modeled in clay by Graham Bowers… the images were generated in a 3D CAD program after importing the Scan file … over 1.2 million vertexes producing 750,000 facets (triangular faces).

Area: northern bloc