bloc // April 9, 2013

Microworld : Acadia @ Arcadecardiff ⁄⁄

Arcadecardiff Queens Arcade, Cardiff, CF10 2BY – 21st May to 2nd June

This May, Genetic Moo will be creating Microworld : Arcadia – a ‘living’ art space in a gallery in Cardiff, which will grow, transform and evolve in response to user activity. For two weeks, visitors will be able to immerse themselves in an interactive digital ecology.

Genetic Moo will be projecting several of our creatures around the gallery. These creatures will interact with
1) the audience
2) the gallery space
3) each other.

Over the course of the show new creatures will be introduced, modified and rearranged (including some made by the audience and other artists). Some creatures will struggle some will thrive. We are trying to create a super rich interactive environment where even we, the artists, do not know what will happen next. The show is an experiment in active audience engagement – which we think is vital for new art today.

We will working with a number of other interactive artists and also be hosting a range of events and workshops throughout the two weeks. Workshops will include simple guides to Programming & Designing for interaction, Processing, Kinect & Arduino.

If you would like to get involved then please contact Genetic Moo at We are happy for anyone to bring along any project and run it in the space and see how it interacts with the audience and other art works. This could be for a few hours or a day or two. We are particularly interested in Cardiff based makers and artists. Projects could be light / audio / electronic / robotic / digital / performance based. There will be a spare projector and PC for people to run works on if needed. Projects can be at any stage of development, hopefully people will come and test things out. We are not so interested in traditional ‘inactive’ art forms – we want to create an exciting and engaging experience for all. Thanks.

More information on the event can be read on our website