bloc // November 9, 2012

MAKING IT REAL – Active Ingredient Symposium ⁄⁄

20th November 2012, 4.00 pm-8.00 pm
A symposium will be held at the Arts Catalyst venue in Clerkenwell Road in London on 20th November which will demonstrate a new online platform developed by the Active Ingredient organisation working in collaboration with computer scientists at the Digital Economy funded Horizon hub at Nottingham University and in association with senior scientists at the UK Met Office. This platform, Timestreams, is currently being tested in schools and localities in Nottinghamshire and in Rio de Janeiro and will be opened up for use by others interested in exploring capture of environmental data and in sensory media interactions.

The event, called MAKING IT REAL, will have a demonstration and installation of the work as well as presentations and debates about the nature of technological research in the context of environmental and ecological challenges. Find information and sign up for this free event at: