bloc // October 18, 2013


Design Wales Forum is offering four residencies to contemporary makers to develop and create new work using haptic modelling software and 3D printing technologies.

In recent years new technologies have enabled makers to create and develop works in ways not possible solely withhand tools. Exhibitions such as the Crafts Council’s Lab Craft, have demonstrated the exciting possibilities for makers when they add new technologies to their toolbox.

As part of the residencies, there will be a training programme to enable the selected makers to develop a working knowledge of modelling software (Freeform) and four 3D printing technologies. Alongside the technical training, a tailored programme of ‘business’ support will be offered to the residents. Sessions will be dependent on the requirements of the individual makers but can include design process management, or strategies for connecting with galleries/customers.

Each residency will be eight weeks duration, with an expectation that the resident will be in our building for a minimum of two days per week. The residencies will be held at The National Centre for Product Design and Research at Cardiff Metropolitan University in Llandaff. The first residency will run from December 2013 and the last willcomplete in July 2014. A fee of £1500 will be paid to each resident.

If you are an established maker, based in Wales who finds the idea of extending your practice into new areas exciting, and would like some more information about the residencies, visit