bloc // October 4, 2013

Machynlleth Mini Maker Faire ⁄⁄

On Saturday 28th September bloc delivered a fantastic Machynlleth Mini Maker Faire to a crowded house!

The Centre for Alternative Technology provided the perfect venue to house our 30 Makers presenting DIY Technology in the countryside.

Over 200 visitors enjoyed the Faire. With feedback such as “Awesome, scientific, interesting, varied, fun, making, educational, innovative, inspiring, exciting, atmospheric, enthusiastic, buzzy, empowering, welcoming, impressive, original, unusual, relaxed”

Machynlleth Mini Maker Faire was A Showcase of DIY Technology in the Countryside that followed the Maker Faire model of celebrating do-it-yourself creativity and tinkering.
“Make, create, craft, recycle, build, think, play and be inspired by celebrating arts, crafts, engineering, food, music, science and technology.”
Machynlleth Mini Maker Faire is only Maker Faire in Wales.

Featuring both established and emerging local, national and international “makers,” Machynlleth Mini Maker Faire was a family-friendly celebration featuring Art, 3Dprinting, RaspberryPis, Daleks, Opensource, Music, Sound, Robots, Animation, Space, Drones, Restartparties, Electricity, Sequencers, Knitting, Environmentalism, Backpacks, Selfsufficiency, Engineering, Craft, Science, Education, Fixers, Sustainable, Technology, Health, Upcycling and Energy.

Machynlleth Mini Maker Faire presented a wide range of makers featuring the following highlights:

• The Restart Party bring a community Self Repair event to the heart of Wales
• Paul Granjon presents the infamous Biting Machine and the cute Mofo humanoid
• Trystan Lea showcases Wales’ own OpenEnergyMonitor
• Andy Noyes invites us to meet Agnes Robotknit, a knitting robot.
• Animation workshops, ukele looping performances, arduino sequencer sound and music etc.

A full maker list is available online at