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G39`s Wales Artist Resource Programme (WARP) has launched its website. The site has been designed by artists to be used as a tool for artists. You can use it to find out about upcoming peer-to-peer sessions and future seminars/talks to be held by WARP in your area. The resources section comprises various downloadable advice sheets, podcasts of seminars and a list of recommended services.

You need to register to access the resource section. Registration is free and includes the option to sign up to a fortnightly bulletin. Users can also submit information for inclusion in the bulletin.

For more information and to sign up, visit

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  1. blinc digital arts festival

    blinc is a new digital arts festival in Conwy North Wales. It has been supported by both the Arts Council of Wales and Also Cadw. Its a really exciting oppotunity for all digital artists. They have 18 commissions available and are interested in working with a varied range of practitioners including Film, sound pieces, 3D modeling, poetry, computer animation, choral scores, 2D motion graphics and video pieces will all be considered. Please visit their website at to see how to apply.
    Proposals that involve different disciplines and collaboration between artists on all the above commissions within one application will be encouraged.
    the full opportunity is available to view at
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