bloc // May 29, 2010

Sound and Music ⁄⁄

Location: england


Sound and Music is the UK’s landmark organisation for new music and sound. The organisation was set up in October 2008, the result of bringing together the British Music Information Centre, Contemporary Music Network, Society for the Promotion of New Music and Sonic Arts Network.

From digital platforms to a UK-wide programme of live events, Sound and Music`s ambition is to raise the profile of new music and sound in the public consciousness, building support and audiences for innovative work. They offer learning, participation, and professional development initiatives, leading the way for artistic exploration and excellence in this field.

The Sound and Music website provides a unique concentration of resources, with opportunities for artists, composers and practitioners to upload their work to the on-line community, as well as comprehensive listings of events, video, multi-media, and details of all Sound and Music activities.

Area: not in wales