bloc // January 4, 2009

Outcasting – Season 6 ⁄⁄

Date: 31 Mar 2009
Location: online


Outcasting is a voluntary organisation which offers a platform for practitioners of the moving image. Artists, filmmakers, animators and documentary makers are selected for screenings of their work in bimonthly seasons. There will also be public screenings and events.

Season 6 of Outcasting will be broadcast from 1 February – 31 March and features work by Angelo Picozzi, Richard Higlett, Lemeh 42, Miranda Whall, Anne-Marie Creamer, Irena Paskali, Simon Aeppli, Catherine Weir, Anders Weberg, Lucie Eidenbenz and Alicja Rogalska.

All five previous seasons will be available in the Archive section.

Season 7 submission deadline is 16th March.

To view the work or read submission guidelines, please visit the website:

Area: not in wales