bloc // August 26, 2008 – welsh to english autotranslator ⁄⁄

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Outline: (apertium-cy) is a free (GPL) Welsh-to-English translator. It is licensed under the Free Software Foundation`s General Public License, so not only is it free of charge, but you also have the freedom to study it, modify it and share it without breaking the law. The service was developed over the past 9 months by Francis Tyers and Kevin Donnelly. Francis, the lead developer, is part of the Transducens research group, and Kevin has been working independently on free (GPL) Welsh-language software for the past 5 years. Kevin will be one the workshop leaders at northern bloc`s forthcoming event, `All Together Now` at Venue Cymru on 23rd October. apertium-cy builds on two of his projects, Eurfa (a Welsh dictionary) and Klebran (a grammar-checker based on Kevin Scannell`s Irish grammar-checker, Gramad¢ir). apertium-cy currently contains around 10,000 words, and about 150 grammatical rules.

apertium-cy is currently good enough for you to get the gist of a passage (provided there are not too many unknown words in it), so it may be useful for:

* Welsh learners who want to get an overview of the subject matter of a text before they start studying it in more detail
* researchers and business people who want to keep an eye on Welsh media reports in their business area.

For more information and to use the translator, go to

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