bloc // September 22, 2010

The Hand ⁄⁄

Date: Preview: Friday 12th November 6 – 8pm
Location: england


Featuring artists Edwina Ashton, Mark Dean, David Mackintosh, David Musgrave, Mike Nelson and Cornelia Parker.

Taking its title and point of departure from the cult 1980′s horror film The Hand, WORKS!PROJECTS latest exhibition brings together new and rare work by six British artists in an exploration of malevolence and foreboding.

The exhibition mixes moving image and drawing in different forms to populate the gallery with visions of the inanimate and disembodied conjured into life, brooding voyeurism and undertones of dark sexual desire.

The works directly and indirectly reference a classic moment in American Hollywood horror, from Mark Dean’s hypnotic use of shower scene footage from Carrie and Mike Nelson’s rare, macabre drawing of the murderous ventriloquist puppet from Magic, to David Musgrave’s Television Drawings, that are reminiscent of malevolent forces making their presence felt through the white noise of television static in Poltergeist.

These works combine with the implicit horror in Edwina Ashton’s dark rendering of her deformed simpleton doctor. The sexual violence that lurks beneath Cornelia Parker’s beautiful but suggestive Pornographic Drawing is magnified in David Mackintosh’s looming wall painting of an eye peering through a keyhole which ties together the tone of malevolence & sexual predation that permeates the exhibition.

Times: 12 – 6pm, Thursday – Saturday, or by appointment.

Area: not in wales