bloc // June 26, 2006

Game/Play at HTTP ⁄⁄

Date: 22 July ´ 3 September 2006
Location: england


Game/Play is a national touring exhibition that explores goal-orientated gaming and playful interaction through media arts practice. A collaboration between Q-Arts, Derby and HTTP, London the exhibition has provided a framework to develop a context for creative exchange between visitors to the exhibition focusing on the rhetorical constructs game and play. Projects fall under three main categories: installations, independent video games and online (networked) artworks.

[giantJoystick] by American `girl gamer` Mary Flanagan has been specially commissioned by HTTP for this exhibition. Alongside this installation, HTTP presents independently produced video games selected by curator Corrado Morgana for their divergence from commercial game-types and online participatory artworks Tale of Tale’s Endless Forest and`s VisitorsStudio.

Artists include: Michael Mateas and Andrew Stern, Jetro Lauha, Julian Oliver, Kenta Cho, Mary Flanagan, Low Brow Trash, Paul Granjon, Simon Poulter, Giles Askham, Jakub Dvorsky, Long Journey Home, PRU, Q Club, Furtherfield and Tale of Tales.

Area: not in wales