bloc // October 23, 2009

Do I have to paint you a picture? ⁄⁄

Date: 8 Jan 2010
Location: wales


Submissions are now invited for an artist led initiative to showcase a new generation of lens based practice in Wales. The inaugural `Do I have to paint you a picture?` will focus on contemporary use of Polaroid technology, giving emerging artists the chance to exhibit alongside a wealth of internationally acclaimed works.

Throughout a six-week programme of lens-based exhibitions, an evolving curatorial project will utilise a disused shop unit within one of the city`s increasingly sparse (yet ornately beautiful) Victorian and Edwardian Arcades. In response to photography`s evolving technological and ideological complexities, Do I Have To Paint You A Picture? will aim to bring together disparate artists working with Polaroid and to contextualise their work through an imaginative and inventive curatorial process.

If you are an artist working with the endagered medium, we would love to see your work. Send no more than six large images (300dpi) with a brief statement (max 300 words) to or no more than six Polaroid prints and a brief statement to; Sam Perry, c/o g39, 39 Wyndham Arcade, Mill Lane, Cardiff CF10 1FH. For any more information please call 07732 228 119 or email

Deadline: Friday 8th January 2010.

Area: southern bloc