bloc // October 27, 2006

Welsh Coalfields Bond Award Scheme ⁄⁄

Location: wales


The Welsh Coalfields Bonds, run by the Coalfields Regeneration Trust and Citylife, aims to give people from the former coalfields area the chance to make a name for themselves in the fast growing creative and cultural industries sector in Wales. The scheme was launched on 27th November at the Millennium Centre in Cardiff.

Awards will be made available to give those from the coalfields areas an opportunity to pursue their aspirations, which are currently unattainable due to financial constraints.

Awards will be disbursed via the Coalfields Regeneration Trust following recommendations from a Selection Panel and expert opinions from the creative and cultural industries.

• to identify people with the necessary interest, ambition, potential and enthusiasm who will benefit from an Award
• to make Awards that will encourage training and/or educational opportunities for people from former coalfield areas who would not easily be able to access such opportunities.
• to make Awards that will remove barriers to training, employment or enterprise with a view to developing creative talent especially in film, music, media and industry infrastructure.
• To develop and retain intellectual property or economic added value within Coalfields Regeneration Trust priority wards
• Expand the skills base in the TV, Film and Music industries within Coalfields Regeneration Trust priority wards
• Identify and address infrastructure gaps in those industries

Area: all wales