bloc // July 30, 2006

The Bigger Picture – Call for submissions ⁄⁄

Date: Next Deadline: September 22
Location: england


The next deadline for submissions to the Bigger Picture is approaching. Don`t miss the opportunity to have your work seen on the Big Screen, Exchange Square. Work for the next Open Submissions programme must be received by 12noon, September 22.

The Bigger Picture is a curated programme that screens and commissions work by established and emerging practitioners, whilst also calling for entries up to five times a year, in an attempt to seek out exciting and original moving image works that will capture the imaginations of what is an essentially fleeting, yet diverse audience.

You can find out more about previous selections, what the Bigger Picture is and how to submit your work at

Alternatively contact Helen Wewiora, Media Curator at or

tel: 0161 200 1507

Area: not in wales