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The Art of With 2: Artists & Curators ⁄⁄

Date: Wed 25 November, 13:00 – 17:00
Location: england


The Art of With is an action research project by Cornerhouse that aims to explore how a contemporary arts organisation should work with audiences, artists and curators at a time when technological development and web 2.0 means we live in a culture of openess, participation and collaboration. The second seminar in Cornerhouse’s exploration of The Art of With will focus on artists and curators, with talks, breakout discussion sessions and the opportunity for artists and curators to showcase their work.

Keynote speakers include:

o New York-based curator Michael Connor. Michael Connor will explore why the many-to-many logic of the Web has not yet transformed contemporary art in the way that it has revolutionised other sectors of the culture industry. The talk will cover the role of user-created content and participation in contemporary art, bringing together a wide range of historical and contemporary examples. The talk is based on A Manual for the 21st Century Gatekeeper, his essay commissioned by Cornerhouse for The Art of With project.

o Rotterdam-based artists Bik Van Der Pol. Bik Van Der Pol will talk about artistic practices in relation to The Art of With, including their work on Nomads and Residents, a project which creates a collaborative platform for presentations by artists, critics, curators, architects and others ( )

Breakout sessions will give attendees the opportunity to explore themes that have emerged from the three essays published so far. Topics to be discussed at the breakout sessions will be published soon. An additional open session can be arranged for any audience topic that arises on the day.

The talks will end on a series of quick fire presentations from artists, curators and practitioners presenting a project they have done they think fits in with The Art of With ethos.

After drawing conclusions from the day’s debates, all participants will have a chance to socialise and exchange ideas around a drink in the galleries.


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