bloc // January 25, 2007

Slice of Evidence: Sonic Performance, Noise and Storytelling ⁄⁄

Date: 27 Jan 2007
Location: england



* Goodiepal
* Le Couteau Jaune
* Radio Seven Seas and the Concrete Mass Ensemble
* DJ: Jim Backhaus

Curated by Caspar Below/Concrete Mass and Bruce McClure/RNS

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RNS and D.A.M.ned lies allthatnoise present the talents of the only known son of the Wizard of Oz and
Toto, Goodiepal and a debauched bunch of half echidna half hooligans who have the nerve to call themselves something French, Le Couteau Jaune, but also the unique talents of the Radio Seven Seas story telling sessions and the Concrete Mass Noise Ensemble.

Area: not in wales