bloc // September 20, 2006

Salon or Seminar @ E:vent Gallery ⁄⁄

Date: 24 Oct 2006, 6-8pm
Location: england


The next installment of the Salon or Seminar series of cultural debates will discuss media art.

The debate is a pre-event to the group exhibition GROUNDED, curated by artist and games theorist Axel Stockburger.

The debate will focus on the following questions:
- Does media art change the understanding of the term art itself?
- How is the relationship between the `creative industries` and art reconfigured by media and digital art?
- How does the location of new media and digital art affect contemporary aesthetics?
- Is the term ‘media art’ still relevant in 2006?

JJ Charlesworth (art critic/writer),
Axel Stockburger (artist and games theorist),
Sue Thomas (author of Hello World: Travels in Virtuality)
Marina Vishmidt (writer, installation artist)
Chaired and organised by Cecilia Wee (Rational Rec, Resonance FM)

Admission is free but all attending must reserve a space by emailing by Monday 23rd October 2006 with ‘Salon or Seminar’ as the subject header.

The debate will be recorded for broadcast on Resonance FM, on Thursday 9th November 2006.

Area: not in wales