bloc // September 4, 2006

Really Restrictive Shorts ⁄⁄

Date: 9-13th January 2007
Location: wales


Real Institute is locking up four teams in a magnificent mansion somewhere near Llangollen, North Wales, and not letting them out until they’ve made a film each!

And the teams’ lives will be made as difficult as possible while they’re locked up, with as many odd and restrictive devices as possible. They’ll have to play board games to win the film-making equipment they need, for example, or perhaps be forced to make their film in a shoe-cupboard.

Real Institute is calling for entries of teams of four ‘players’ made up of a mixture of experienced and virgin filmmakers. Anyone can enter from anywhere in the world ´ so get your team together now!

The teams will be ‘locked’ inside a top-secret venue for five days and four during which they are obliged to produce a film. Though the location is secret, it is rumoured to be a luxurious eighteenth century mansion, with eighty acres of grounds and its own ghost.

Lodgings and food is provided to keep the teams alive, alongside access to film specialists including professional scriptwriters, editors, cinematographers.

The teams progress will be broadcast live on the internet and on a huge screen at the Royal Llangollen Pavillion.

Meanwhile, the general public is invited to make their own short films on the loose theme of ‘restriction’.

The films will be screened alongside those created at the secret location in a celebratory film finalé on January 13th at the Royal International Pavilion, Llangollen ´ an evening of short films, comedy compere, live music and food.

Want to be locked up? Fancy making a film? Deadline for locked-in team entries: 30th October 2006. Deadline for general film submissions on them of restriction: 17th December 2006

Area: northern bloc