bloc // March 10, 2006

RADIO 0 ⁄⁄

Date: 15th April 2006, 7 – 12pm
Location: england


`RADIO 0` is an evening of sound based performances exploring the use of short-range domestic FM radio transmitters.

Several micro-stations will be broadcasting simultaneously throughout the evening.

Hull Art Lab and the audience are invited to mediate the work using portable radios.

The content of the broadcasts generated will exploit the technical possibilities of the radio medium and it`s cultural context.

The nature of the evening is one of on-going experimentation and improvisation rather than a presentation of set pieces, the work as whole will develop as the evening progresses. The artists involved will be a mix of local and UK practitioners.

The C.A.S. is a recently formed group of international artists and scientists with an interest in sound. The purpose of the society is to consolidate knowledge and
resources in order to carry out practice based research and publish material. The C.A.S. will take part in this year`s Sonic Arts Network Expo in Manchester.

Telephone: 44 (0)1482) 620993
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Area: not in wales