bloc // November 6, 2005

MY DAD`S STRIP CLUB ! performance lecture ⁄⁄

Date: 19:30 thursday 15 december 2005 (doors open 19:00)
Location: england


amino, in association with BALTIC, presents performance lectures series 2:


performance lecture

`I`m all for people doing what makes them happy, even if it involves the purchase of shoddy but alluring lingerie.`

As mistress of the grab and swipe Ange Taggart exposes the Strip Club’s love of `the art of reclaiming space` demonstrating it`s all out there for the taking. Putting embarrassment aside she addresses the delicate subject of carnal knowledge of Coke machines. The comedy in her work is very close to anger, and excites all kinds of stuff in on-lookers. It’s also very cheap.

My Dad’s Strip Club slips through the gap between the dissatisfied shopper and consumer culture in the commercial zones of supermarkets, banks and store windows. My Dads Strip Club seasonal lecture champions the Christmas shopping experience with a presentation that deals with the art of `good service` whilst reclaiming the spaces sold to us as simply for shopping.

Area: not in wales