bloc // May 23, 2006

Month Of Sundays Live A/V Internet Mixing. ⁄⁄

Date: July 25th 06. 16.00 – 18.00 hrs BST
Location: international

Outline: Presents:

Month Of Sundays Live A/V Internet Mixing.

Featuring – John Kannenberg & Glenn Bach.

Open Mix – led by Ruth Catlow & Marc Garrett (Furtherfield & HTTP).

Post performance soundscapes – with Alex Young (Furthernoise).

Date & Time:

16.00 – 18.00 hrs BST

Where: E:vent.

96 Teesdale Street,

London E2 6PU.

As part of the Month Of Sundays series of live A/V internet performances is hosting this unique event featuring a cross

continent A/V performance by Chicago based John Kannenberg mixing in

real time with Glenn Bach who will be performing from his home in Long

Beach, California. The performance is based on their Two Cities project,

which began in 2003 using sounds, photos, objects and data collected on

Glenn and John`s daily walking commutes to compare and contrast the

environments of their respective hometowns.

It will take place in the online file mixing platform Visitors Studio

and projected, amplified into the gallery space from

Come and join us at E:vent:

Bring your laptops and media files and collaborate.

Following the performance, Furtherfield artists Ruth Catlow & Marc

Garrett will lead an open mix where audiences both online and in the

gallery can join in by uploading and mixing their own audio & visual

files in an open collaborative mix. Files can be mp3, swf, flv and jpg

and must be a maximum of 2OOK.

There will also be free refreshments and post performance Soundcapes by

Alex Young who`s album `Helicoids` is the new net release on

As well as being shown at E:vent

the afternoons performances will be also broadcast, in real-time, online:-

at The Watershed Media Centre, Bristol.

The Point CDC Theatre, New York.

More info about E:vent & the artists taking part on the day.

Curated by Roger Mills

Furthernoise & Visitors Studio are projects, supported

by Arts Council England.

– Furtherfield – HTTP – Node.London –

Area: not in wales