bloc // October 17, 2009

Maker Faire, Newcastle: Call for Proposals ⁄⁄

Date: 11 Dec 2009
Location: england


Following the outstanding success of the first UK Maker Faire which was attended by over 7000 visitors, we are thrilled to announce Maker Faire 2010! Once again, Maker Faire will be heading to North East England as part of the Newcastle ScienceFest – a 10 day festival celebrating creativity and innovation. DIY Makers, Progressive Techies, Old-Fashioned and Indie Crafters, Mad Scientists, Quirky Musicians and Myriad Innovators propose your projects here. Deadline for submitting proposals is December 11th and then we will make a selection by January 8th.

New to Maker Faire? Maker Faire celebrates things people create themselves — from James Bond-worthy electronic gizmos to homemade clothes. Inspiration is ubiquitous at the festival and there are surprises around every corner for people of all ages. At Maker Faire, technology meets art, science meets fashion, engineering meets crafting and that`s just the tip of the iceberg. This DIY festival features cool robots, clever gadgets, garden shed inventions, knitted wonders, renegade fashions, cars and bikes like you`ve never seen before, the occasional fireball, music-making and much, much more!

Deadline: 11 Dec 2009

Area: not in wales