beth // July 11, 2011

ISEA2011 Istanbul Art Market and International Networking Event ⁄⁄

If you want to net­work, show your port­fo­lio, know “who is doing what”, get to know new peo­ple, this is the event for you. Is­tan­bul Sehir Hat­lari AS will pro­vide ISEA2011 Is­tan­bul with a ferry boat that for two days. One day the boat will travel at dusk and the other day it will float across the re­flec­tions of the city lights on the wa­ters of the Bospho­rus.

Wednes­day, 14 Sep­tem­ber, 2011 - 17:00 - 20:00

Mon­day, 19 Sep­tem­ber, 2011 - 20:30 - 23:30

ISEA2011 Is­tan­bul Art Mar­ket and In­ter­na­tional Net­work­ing Event

Spon­sored by Is­tan­bul Sehir Hat­lari AS and in col­lab­o­ra­tion with Elek­tra

ISEA2011 Is­tan­bul will be spon­sored in part by Sehir Hat­lari,  the fa­mous and much loved sea trans­porta­tion com­pany in Is­tan­bul that car­ries mil­lions of peo­ple every day across the Bosporus be­tween the Asian and Eu­ro­pean sides.

Sehir Hat­lari will pro­vide ISEA2011 Is­tan­bul with a ferry boat that for two days, Wednes­day Sep­tem­ber 14th (5pm to 8pm) and Mon­day Sep­tem­ber 19th (8:30pm to 11:30pm), will trans­port hun­dreds of ISEA2011 par­tic­i­pants over the Bosporus.

The net­work­ing part of the event, that will allow ISEA 2011 par­tic­i­pants to min­gle and net­work with artists, cu­ra­tors, aca­d­e­mics and op­er­a­tors in the area of the cre­ative in­dus­tries, is or­ga­nized by Alain Thibault of Elek­tra, Mon­treal, to­gether with Lan­franco Aceti, the ISEA2011 Is­tan­bul Artis­tic Di­rec­tor and Con­fer­ence Chair.

“It is a great op­por­tu­nity work­ing with Sehir Hat­lari and with Alain Thibault from Elek­tra. Alain’s ap­proach to the art fair is ef­fi­cient, struc­tured and fo­cused, al­low­ing peo­ple to make con­tacts and de­velop pro­jects to­gether. This is the rea­son why we wanted to work to­gether with him and his team that has over 15 years of ex­pe­ri­ence in the sec­tor,” says Aceti.

On the boat, se­lected in­ter­na­tional pre­sen­ters will be able to show their re­cent work and pro­jects and seek/de­velop part­ner­ships with art deal­ers, cu­ra­tors and spon­sors.

“It is a also a great chance for young artists and peo­ple in­ter­ested in the in­dus­try to net­work and have feed­back on their ac­tiv­i­ties and port­fo­lios,” ex­plained Aceti. “With the ISEA Ticket at 18 euros per per­son it is pos­si­ble not only to at­tend the con­fer­ence but also to par­tic­i­pate in the two boat events. For this rea­son the ticket is very pop­u­lar in that it en­sures that young artists are in­volved as well.”

The Art Mar­ket event on the boat is open to and free of charge for all reg­is­tered ISEA2011 del­e­gates and at­ten­dees (non-pre­sen­ters).