bloc // May 29, 2010

Checkout ⁄⁄

Date: 10 Jul 2010
Location: england


We currently have pitches available for the final Checkout art market at Central-Reservation on Saturday 10 July from 12- 5pm

Checkout is a once-monthly art market staged on the second weekend of the month from April to July 2010 at Central-Reservation. Checkout offers the chance to buy the work and wares of artists, designers, illustrators and makers from around the UK. Over 20 stallholders present limited edition prints, artists books, zines, self published material and an array of one off artworks.

Applications are now open to artists, designers, illustrators and artist collectives for the final market. To apply, send 3 images of your work / wares to Pitches: £15.00 and a table is supplied. Places are limited and stallholders are selected on their suitability.

For further details and images from Checkout no.1, 2 and 3, see the Central-Reservation blog
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Area: southern bloc