bloc // September 17, 2006

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Date: 30 Oct 2006, 5.30-7pm
Location: wales


Bring your big ideas and burning issues to a debate with renowned art philosopher Matthew Kieran.

How it works:

1: Matthew will speak for only 5-10 minutes contrasting the present situation in the visual arts with that of thirty years ago i.e. looking back to the future – what might be problematic for art and artists in the current climate particularly with regard to aesthetics, collecting, public art and fashion?
2: You get another drink
3: Then you’ll offer your ideas and opinions in the 50 minutes that follow.

Anyone involved in the critical elements of contemporary art shouldn’t miss this opportunity to engage with cutting edge art issues, inform practice and thrash out the issues that matter all in an informal setting.

Writer in Residence: Debbie Savage
Chair: Anthony Shapland

More information and directions:

Area: southern bloc