bloc // August 18, 2006

Blaengar ⁄⁄

Date: 1-8 October, 2006
Location: wales


Blaengar is a not for profit arts organisation set up by a small group of emerging artists around Aberystwyth with the aim to run events and exhibitions for Contemporary inter-disciplinary artists in Mid Wales.

Interaction is our first project, showing performance, sculpture, video and installation art. There is no direct theme to the event, but the artists involved in Interaction are concerned with the interplay between performance and the audience. Performance is embedded in social and historical contexts. Inspired by
Victoriana, the early tourist industry and contemporary themes, Blaengar artists have come together to create work that challenges our conventional ideas of performance, film and sculpture. Blaengar’s rationale is to be experimental, establish innovative forms of collaboration and seek out new sites for exhibiting work.

Artists include: Ami Marsden, Ffion Rhys, Chris Frost, Alice Briggs, Alice Owen, the Performance group White Rope (Laura Harding, Fern Busatill and Rebecca Jones).

Area: western bloc