bloc // November 8, 2005

Bataville: we are not afraid of the future ⁄⁄

Date: Friday 13th January 2006, 6.30pm
Location: england


Bata-ville, a new film by Nina Pope & Karen Guthrie will be screened on Friday 13th January at the RCA.

The screening, at 6.30pm in Lecture Theatre 1 is a free event primarily for Interaction Design students. Any spare places can be made available to students from other departments or visitors to the college. Places must be booked through:

Bata-ville is a bittersweet record of a coach trip to the origins of the Bata shoe empire in Zl¡n in the Czech Republic. Against the backdrop of regeneration in their local communities, former employees of the now-closed UK shoe factories in East Tilbury (Essex) and Maryport (Cumbria) are led on a journey that begins as a free holiday but soon becomes an opportunity for a collective imagining of what entrepreneur Tomas Bata’s maxim ´We are not afraid of the future” means for them in 21st century Britain.

Inspired by the contrast between the idealism of Bata and the more recent industrial decline of East Tilbury and Maryport, host / directors Pope & Guthrie lead this unorthodox coach party on a journey through Bata’s legacy.

The 93 min. documentary is artist/directors Nina Pope & Karen Guthrie`s first feature which premiered at the Edinburgh International Film Festival in 2005.

`A strange, defiantly unclassifiable work combining elements of travelogue, documentary and performance piece. Bata-ville takes one of the archetypical aspects of British life, the holiday coach trip, and overlays it with a number of social, cultural and historical pre-occupations. Charming is a problematic word, usually invoked to damn with faint praise, yet it seems entirely appropriate here: this is a charming, yet quietly provocative film.`

Shane Danielse
(Artistic Director of the Edinburgh International Film Festival)

The screening will be followed at 8.00 pm by a short Q&A session with director Nina Pope chaired by Brendan Walker.

The film has many RCA connections, Pope is currently a Tutor on the Interaction Design course, where she works with composer Tim Olden. Her fellow director Karen Guthrie is an RCA graduate, as are the project graphic designers David Eveleigh Evans & Ré Dubhthaigh and the film`s costume designer Janice Turner.

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