bloc // April 16, 2006

Basement Screen Event ⁄⁄

Date: 21 May 2006, 7pm
Location: england


Featuring work by artists Nick Goulis, Martine Dempsey, Toine Klaassen, Lisa Vinebaum, Clare Gasson, Ann-Marie James, Yu-Chen Wang, Sheena Macrae, Andro Semeiko, Laura White, Mathilde Hemmes and Simon Raven this screening event at The Residence, will feature experimental films, performances and computer animation by 12 international artists.

Nick Goulis’ animation work is a journey across time and space, inspired by the ancient Greek poem and remixed soundtrack of an 80′s video game by Martin Galway. Martine Dempsey, Ann-Marie James and Sheena Macrae make use of footage from film and television as a readymade. Dempsey and James’ video works questions how ‘the screen’ separates us directly from the events of real space and real time, whereas Macrae’s fast-forwarded epic drama and multi-layered popular TV series explore the new dynamics of Hollywood clichés.

Toine Klaassen, Clare Gasson and Lisa Vinebaum involve themselves by taking part in their work. The performative engagement is extended through physical interaction, role-play and inner voices of specific individuals. As a former midwife, Mathilde Hemmes’ artistic practice deals with the question of life and death by using dead animals as a visual language for exploring the enforcement of gazing at the fragility and powerlessness to the viewers. Yu-Chen Wang, Andro Semeiko and Laura White’s work examines our perception of the different contexts of regeneration, everyday objects and dislocation.

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