bloc // June 10, 2006

European Open Source Convention ⁄⁄

Date: 18-21 Sep 2006
Location: international


EuroOSCON – O`Reilly European Open Source Convention is an annual event which combines practical sessions from innovators in the field with debates and presentations about best practice, strategic issues and coming changes. The conference attracts business people, coders, decision makers, lawyers, entrepreneurs, artists, and policy makers using, creating, and managing free (libre) and open projects.

Sessions will be conducted in English and will include the following themes:

* Media: video, audio, BitTorrent
* Mobile: wifi, handsets, Bluetooth, sensor web, USB keychains, embedded systems
* Management: deployment, measurement, identity, analytics, security
* Browser/Web: Ajax, web back end, Flash, components
* Services: APIs, web services, REST, SLAs
* Open Culture: data under Creative Commons, rights, remix, mashups
* Open Business: startups, funding, business models
* Open Source: governance, licenses, patents, social
* Open Society: government, law, surveillance, education
* Cybernetics: AI, dynamic systems, biomimicry, CHI

Various discounts are available on the conference fee (€825.00) including academic, student, not-for-profit and user groups.

For more details and early bird booking form visit the website:

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