bloc // November 30, 2012

Axisweb in Wales – Call for participants ⁄⁄

Developing critical writing on the contemporary visual arts.

After the success of last year’s programme, Axisweb is running another year of writing workshops and publication support. We are seeking three emerging writers based in Wales who are interested in developing their critical writing on the contemporary visual arts.

Who is it for?
You should be interested in writing about creative practice in Wales, but also eager to respond to wider UK and international developments in the visual arts. Writers must be based in Wales. Welsh language writers are welcome, although all texts must also be produced in English.

The programme
Writers will participate in three writing workshops with established critics JJ Charlesworth, Cherry Smyth and Chris Sharratt running between February – July 2013.

Additionally, writers will receive feedback on work proposed for publication from these critics and have an opportunity to submit work on spec (i.e. if quality is commensurate) to Axis and partnering publications.

If work is accepted, writers will be paid for their submission. Travel expenses to and from workshops are covered. Workshops will be delivered in English.

It is anticipated that emerging writers will aim to write not only about work in Wales but also about work showing in other areas of the UK and potentially Europe. We will encourage emerging writers to write at least one feature during the year as well as reviews.

Read about the participants and their publication success when we ran the programme in 2012

How to apply

Writers will be evaluated on the quality and clarity of their writing. To apply, please complete the application form below with:

• Your CV
• Statement of interest [no more than 500 words]
• 2 pieces of writing (these need not be critical writing in the visual arts)

Deadline for applications: 10 December 2012

For the application form, follow the link: