bloc // May 24, 2013

A ‘DIY Festival’ of new performance with National Theatre Wales ⁄⁄

This year NTW will be piloting a ‘DIY Festival’ of new performance (14 – 16 Jun) as part of the company’s residency on the Isle of Anglesey. They’re not quite sure what’s going to happen yet because that depends on who turns up, what they want to work on and how they want to share it.

NTW want to be able to create a new way for artists to come together, to make new work whilst finding different ways of sharing it between them and with a wider audience. This is an invitation to artists: writers, directors, actors, choreographers, designers, performance artists, installation-makers, multi-media experimenters, technologists and developers to embrace the homemade and lo-fi aesthetics and help NTW create something unique.

If you are interested in knowing more and perhaps being involved in the Festival, take a look at NTW’s website where you can register for a ticket and receive updates.