bloc // August 2, 2002

What`s Technology and What Shapes it? ⁄⁄

Date: Friday 8th March 2002
Time: 2pm to 5.30pm
Venue:Centre for Film and Media, University of Wales, Lampeter
Partner: The Centre for Film and Media at the University of Wales, Lampeter |
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This seminar explores the current significance of the term Otechnologyû and a number of theories as to what shapes it.


With wide-ranging references to technology it is easy to forget to question what we mean by the term, both contemporarily and historically. There are many theories of technology that distinguish differing opinions, often on technologyûs influence on society.
Although we may not be directly aware of the theories, our language often bestows on the term Otechnologyû an understanding of it as a related to tools, to production, as gendered, or as something that has a commanding authority.


John Z Langrish | Professor of Design Research, Salford University

John Monk | Professor of Electronics (Digital Systems), Open University
Robert Pepperell | Writer and Artist, Senior Lecturer, School of Art, Media and Design,
Tom Delph-Janiurek | Convenor of Cultural Studies in Geography at University of Wales, Lampeter