bloc // January 4, 2000

Virtual Geography of the World Wide Web ⁄⁄

Date: May 1999
Venue:Chapter Arts Centre
Partner: Chapter Arts Centre |
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A seminar exploring the World Wide Web as an imaginary space.


Fictitious terrains, fictitious and humanised space, memory maps, and virtual activities employed by artists working with the World Wide Web engage with the web`s metaphorical language of space such as `site`, `location`, and `address`.

This seminar will also explore the nature of fine art works on the web, asking how these works impact on the traditional role of the studio as a space for developing works and the gallery as an institution for viewing.
Bloc brings you three experts in this field to broaden the current debate on web based work, continuing our commitment to critical debate in the field of fine art and new technology.


Nina Pope |

Nick Crowe | Artist and writer

Peter Ride | Artistic Director of DA2 – the Digital Arts Development Agency
Michael Punt | Writer and artist