bloc // January 9, 2000

Transforming Identities ⁄⁄

Date: October 1999
Venue:Chapter Arts Centre
Partner: Chapter Arts Centre |
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This seminar will explore the possibilities for transforming our existing identities through new technology.


Following the presentations there will be a chaired discussion open to the contributors and the audience. Digital technology is claimed to blur the boundaries between self and simulated identities. It offers numerous ways of disguising or substituting `real` identity such as name, address, or persona. Many digital techniques, computer games or virtual worlds, offer an extension to play or `recreation` and touch on the apparent human need to pretend, imitate, multiply, or temporarily withdraw from oneself through representative identities.

How do new forms of technology transform identities? Are these transformations a welcome release from the self? Do they encourage an identity crisis and with it a diminished sense of responsibility OR do they offer a freedom to subvert or transcend aspects of self or group identity such as gender or race?


Ted Polhemus | (USA) author, anthropologist, photographer

Nicola Green | (NZ) Digital World Research Centre, Surrey University
Richard Pierre-Davis | 4 Real