bloc // January 6, 2000

Site-specific Bloc: The Real and the Virtual ⁄⁄

Date: July 1998
Venue:Chapter Arts Centre
Partner: Chapter Arts Centre |
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Site-specific Bloc explored alternatives to the fixed, static or monumental sculptures that are often associated with public, site related art works. Via the internet new multi- site relationships are now possible.


This meeting discussed alternative notions of `site`, asking how does new technology feed into and challenge past site-specific assumptions and concepts. Site-specific Bloc also discussed the changing social relations that the internet generates.


Wiard Sterk | Commissions Officer at Cardiff Bay Arts Trust

Avon Huxor | Senior Research Fellow from the Centre for Electronic Arts at Middlesex University

Michael Punt | Lecturer at the University of Wales College, Newport where he is the Director of Postgraduate Studies (Art and Design) and an associate of the Centre for Advanced Inquiry into Interactive Art (CAiiA).