bloc // January 4, 2004

Ideas and Innovation: Creativity and Artistic Processes in the development of New Media Content and Products ⁄⁄

Date: Friday 16th November 2001
Time: 2.30pm to 6pm
Venue:Chapter Arts Centre
Partner: Chapter Arts Centre |
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This seminar will explore the relationship between ideas and commercial innovation, focusing specifically on how creativity and artistic processes can supplement the development of new media content and products. The seminar will extend the contemporary discussions surrounding the relationship between business and art which, until now, have tended to focus on commercial sponsorship of the arts.


With the accessibility of digital technology, many artists are finding they possess intellectual, technical and entrepreneurial skills that have significant ‘market worth’. As individuals or in small groups, there is a growing trend of artists setting up in business, designing new media content and products whilst maintaining their artistic practice. The demands of contemporary art practice nourishes their capacity to be innovative in ways that are manifest in business development. Moreover artists are often imaginative researchers, dynamic thinkers, inventive and concerned with contemporary trends as they are developing ´ valuable assets in the business world.

If there is a recognisable ‘new breed’ of artists who straddle the worlds of business and art it seems reasonable to ask whether as a result of digital technology, emerging artists need to do to become more business-like, and whether businesses are overlooking a valuable asset for wealth generation?

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