bloc // January 6, 2004

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Date: Friday 25th January 2002
Time: 2.30pm to 6pm
Venue:The Queen`s Hall, Narberth
Partner: PBI (Pembrokeshire Business Initiative) |
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This seminar will explore the significance of gaming strategy and the nature of play specifically via computer technology, focusing on user engagement and audience integration.


Computer games now dominate the entertainment market. Faster computer processing has enabled greater sophistication in games design and heightened user experience. Games are not only more fluid, more cinematic, than their jerky, pixelated predecessors but users can now enter into game-play at various program levels, personalising content such as the behaviour of characters, scenery and sound. Games generally offer interactive narratives and networked computer games are arguably real sites where meaningful human action and social interaction are played out.


Jason Rutter | the Digiplay Initiative
Ju Row Farr | Group member of Blast Theory
Julian Hicks | Managing Director, Gameworld Seven Ltd
Gordon Dalton | Artist and Writer