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Tender for bloc Online Development – Deadline Extended ⁄⁄

Date: Extended deadline: Monday 14 February 2011

bloc is looking to renew its online presence with a new website developed using an open source CMS such as WordPress or Drupal. We need a new, more flexible solution for our website and are seeking tender submissions from developers with experience in this area.


bloc’s current website has been in place since 2002. The current website has served us well but, due to it`s reliance on a bespoke CMS system, changes to the website can be expensive and time consuming. The core technologies underpinning the website are also becoming increasingly out of date and we find it difficult to respond to new technological developments such as RSS, social media, permalinks etc. We would like to use an open source CMS.

bloc has had an interest in open source for a number of years and would like this to be reflected in our web presence. We also wish to use open source in
order to:
– be able to update the core system (WordPress for example) easily and therefore
relatively cheaply
– augment the site more easily via a plugin system for example
– not be tied to one developer/company`s ways of working

In the light of this we will require commented code or some other form of documentation, where possible and relevant.

The intended users of the website include artists, designers, programmers and academics. They use bloc’s website and bulletin to gather information relevant to the creative technology sector as well as respond to bloc’s commissioning and opportunity calls. bloc uses the website to market its events and opportunities, and to communicate with its members and the wider public.

For more details on what we`re looking for and how to make a submission please download the tender document.


This opportunity is supported by the Arts Council of Wales and Powys Connections

Area: all wales

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  1. Thanks for the isnihgt. It brings light into the dark!