bloc // December 11, 2007

SPLICE (Social Practices, Learning and Interoperability in Connected Environments) ⁄⁄

SPLICE is an 18-month project which seeks to actively engage practitioners from the Creative Technology sector and education, in order to assess and promote the business potential of social networking. The project is led by the University of Bolton and supported through JISC (Joint Information Systems Committee). Project partners include Coleg Harlech WEA ( in Wales as well as other FEs, HEIs and Creative Industries Organisations across the UK. bloc is supporting the development of SPLICE with the Creative Technology Sector across Wales.


The project will initially introduce and encourage participants to join SPLICE’s social network towards peer exchange on social networking.

Through professional participation in the project the following questions will be explored:
*what new skills need to be adopted?
*what social and/or technological habits need to be adapted for the creative technology sector to embrace social networking?
*how are business practices enriched through social networking?
*what type of organisational change will businesses need to expect to manage to adopt social networking as a central part of their practice?

If you think you would like to learn more about social networking as a way to do business please register your interest as a participant in the project by signing up at and begin social interaction or join us at the seminar Social Networking within the Creative Technology Sector. For more details about the seminar and how to book visit

SPLICE will also be studying and assessing students engagement with connected environments. The project is particularly concerned with the actions that are performed in professional online communities of practice, for it is by engaging with these that students can get an authentic sense of the ways in which business operates. By identifying interested professionals early on in the project’s programme it is hoped that some may go on to become formally involved in teaching/mentoring to students within a social networking context.

SPLICE is also keen to extend involvement to include other FEs and HEIs towards cross-institution teaching.

Area: all wales